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Train at Home, the Office, or Department With A Cost Effective Top Notch Simulator

If you like to play shooting games, love your gaming console or have used a simulator in your professional life, you have come to the right place!

Until recently, simulators were geared towards Law Enforcement and Military professionals due to extremely high costs and challenging setting conditions.

Remaining loyal to our philosophy, Laser Ammo's Smokeless RangeĀ® family of simulators, is an affordable marksmanship, judgmental and recreational simulator built by shooters for shooters, for practicing with your own carry gun, rifle or recoil enable simulated weapon (Airsoft) in the convenience of your own home, office or department.

Open yourself-up for unlimited training options with the Smokeless RangeĀ®, Open Range, M-Range, Game Range Alpha and many more! Train with family and friends using any of the recreational games, customizable ranges, and courses of fire. With our unique simulator, you can even add your own special targets and sounds. The smokeless range can be used with a projector, and a screen or a TV; with either red or IR lasers.

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Simulator, Training Software, or Electronic Target — Which is right for me?

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Electronic target
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Improve Your Accuracy With Smokeless Range®

A Cost Effective Simulator Built For Shooters, By Shooters

  • Judgmental and Marksmanship training
  • Recreational games for added fun
  • Can be used with your TV or Projector
  • Fast and Easy to install and use
  • Shoot with your own gun or Airsoft weapon for enhanced training with simulated recoil
  • Cost effective training at home
  • Customize and Build your own range, Upload your own targets and sounds
  • HD capability
  • Free upgrades available
  • Use IR or Red lasers
  • Use To Train in Any size Room
  • Best of all, it's portable — Train Anywhere!

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