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Recoil Enabled Training Pistol

Realistic Training With No Range Cost!

A high-end Airsoft with best-in-class laser cartridges, is the perfect combination for realistic training at home, the office or department at the fraction of the cost.

No need to rack the slide after each shot and the blow back is included. Perfect for home defense and tactical training.

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The Best Way to Train for Real Life Situations

The Only - Recoil Enabled - Training Pistol

Recoil Enabled Training Pistol

We are advocates of dry fire training. Using your own firearm, trigger and sight with the SureStrike Laser Cartridge, will help you improve almost any aspect of your shooting skills.

When you train to protect your loved ones, you want to train for real life situations with blow back and sound. You need more advanced training than just improving your trigger pull and sight alignment.

Adding realism to your training, is what the Recoil Enabled Training Pistol is all about. This is the best way to train for real life situations, with sound and feel of a real gun, and recoil that simulates about 30%-40% of live ammo training. The Recoil Enabled Training Pistol is completely safe, and costs a fraction of training with ammunition.

Combining a quality Airsoft with cutting edge durable laser training technology and the i-MTTS targets or Smokeless Range® Simulators are the perfect training tools for home defense and judgmental situational awareness.

Want To Continue Your Training Outdoors?

The package includes the original Airsoft barrel and a small package of pellets to allow for an easy conversion back to a high-end Airsoft, to continue training with pellets outdoors.

Learn How To Install and Use

Watch our assembly video to learn how to install and use REAL conversion kit with interactive targets

Which Recoil Enabled Training Pistol Is Right For Me?

The KWA ATP LE with the REAL replacement barrel and Red or IR lasers – designed with law enforcement training in mind, fitting many duty holsters on the market – this gun is the perfect solutions for striker-fire firearm owners (like Glocks, XDs and M&Ps) who do not wish to rack the slide for rapid continuance training.

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The KWA M9 Professional Training Pistol – operates in both single and double action and features a working decocker safety that allows the user to train with M9 weapon manipulation. The full metal lower frame and slide are designed to accurately replicate the dimensions of the M9 to fit into many currently existing M9 style holsters and accessories.

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Other Airsoft Training Models Used with Spider

The KWA M1911 MK – series was developed from the successful M1911 series, giving the older M1911 a modern update. The M1911 MK PTP allows operators to train with a 1911 style pistol while providing a tactical advantage over the older 1911 design. All MK series feature front and rear serrations that allow easy weapon manipulation and 3-dot combat sights for quick target acquisition.

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The KWA M226 PTP – used by various law enforcement agencies and military units from around the world. It features a fully functional decocker on the left side allowing users to safely release the hammer with a chambered round. The KWA M226 PTP operates in both single and double action.

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