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Practice Shooting With Instant Feedback

To obtain an accurate shot, a shooter must obtain an acceptable sight picture for the shot required and fire the gun without causing the sight picture to become unacceptable.

Once these two concepts are understood, they are relatively simple to improve upon in the environment of relaxed casual practice. However, the real world of firearm use is anything but casual and relaxed. The stress and pressure of competition, self-defense, hunting, military, or law enforcement make those two simple tasks much more difficult.

This stress and pressure must be simulated in order for it to be overcome. This can be done in several ways.

Laser Ammo offers different electronic targets that can assist any shooter, on any level, and at any budget, to simulate the stress of the real world. Using electronic targets, the shooter needs to hit the target in a specific time frame, hit multiple targets, race between different shooters and much more. Immediate visual and audible feedback, as well as a shot timer and split time, allows the shooter to realize a hit or miss without moving their eye from proper sight alignment and sight picture.

It also records the number of hits, string or reaction time, and can be used with multiple targets and shapes to practice target acquisition.

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LaserPET Personal Electronic Target Buy LaserPET™

LaserPET™ Personal Electronic Target

The LaserPET™ – stands for Personal Electronic Target, is about the size of your smartphone, so you can use it anywhere at any time. The LaserPET™ beeps to indicate a hit, counts your hits, can be used as a shot timer, and has an option to practice stress shooting! It is great for marksmanship training, bull's-eye shooting and more, all in the convenience of your own home/office.

There are three basic modes of operation for the LaserPET™:

1. Target Mode: In this mode, the LaserPET™ simply lets you know whether you hit the target or not. You can use the full screen as the target area, or you can use one of the provided inserts to further refine and reduce the target area to require a more accurate shot.

2. Timed Mode: Timed mode gives you a start signal, then records the amount of time it takes you to fire an accurate shot on the target. It’s excellent for simulating the pressure of competition, which is the closest you can get to the stress of self-defense. The best part is that you’ll KNOW you are getting better as you see your times drop.

In this mode, the possibilities for training are only limited by your imagination. You can place the gun anywhere you want, whether it’s in a holster, on a nightstand, or locked away for safety. You can then position the LaserPET™ target anywhere you wish to simulate the place you expect a threat or to test a specific skill. The LaserPET™ gives you a start signal and then shows you how long it takes you to fire an accurate shot.

3. Speed Mode: In this environment, the LaserPET™ records how many accurate shots you can fire in 5 seconds. It could be used for reload drills, movement drills, or anything else you can think of. Again, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

i-M.T.T.S. - Target Training System Buy I-MTTS

i-M.T.T.S. - Target Training System

The Interactive Multi Target Training System lets you simulate different training drills. IPSIC / IPDA / Steel plate / home defense / Tactical shooting with the most advanced electronic target in the market.

Choose the package that best fits your training needs with 1, 3 or 5 targets. All sets come with four different target cards design and 5 different modes!

All targets can communicate with each other for multipurpose training, with no need of computer! Simply position them around a room, turn them on, choose the mode and start shooting!

Train with your own firearm or with any recoil enable gun (like Airsoft) with available red or IR lasers.

Perfect your shooting with the i-M.T.T.S. in 5 modes:

Mode 1: Stand Alone Mode

Shoot, hear and visually see shots on each target

Mode 2: Steel Plate Shooting

Shoot all targets as fast as you can!

Mode 3: Chase the Ball

Perfect your tactical training, work on transitional drills around the room. Identify your threat target and shoot the bright green LED that moves between the targets.

Mode 4: Shoot/Don’t Shoot

Shoot ONLY the moving green target that lights for 2 sec, or get “punished” when hitting the red one!

Mode 5: Double Speed Shoot/Don’t Shoot

Shoot/Don’t Shoot on steroids! The 5th program runs at double speed for more proficient and faster shooters.

LASR Software Buy L.A.S.R.

L.A.S.R. Software

The SureStrike™ Laser Range will improve the training value of your dry fire sessions, ensuring your marksmanship fundamentals are sound, by seeing where the shot would have landed.

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