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We Make The Leading Dry Fire Training Products Worldwide

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Product for Police Officers

Train with your duty pistol, shotgun or rifle. Train with your department simulator and/or your tactical vest. Use the best laser-trainer worldwide! You can build a dedicated room for dry fire training to make sure your department is ready for any scenario, anytime. You can do this all while saving on ammunition and reducing your costs. Use our Airsoft laser solutions for a more realistic training and full blowback.

Laser Ammo offers special pricing for Police departments and academies on bundle purchases.

Laser Ammo products are being used by law enforcement and government departments worldwide.

Cost Effective Training

Cost-Effective Training

Save on live ammo while training with your duty gun. The lasers will shoot thousands of rounds, and with inexpensive refills that cost pennies per each shot!

On Site and In Department Training

On-site/In-Department Training

Train Anytime, Anywhere: in your dedicated training room, at your office, home or with your department simulator.

Use with any type of firearm

Use with any type of Firearm

Laser Ammo SureStrike™ cartridges can fit any pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle. Use your own duty gun, or an AirSoft for full blowback. You can also use it with Simunition / UTM conversion kits or any of our systems.

Train At Home

Continue Training at Home

After your training at the department, you can continue training at home with your firearm of choice. Use the LaserPET™ or L.A.S.R. software for a complete training session in your own home.

Force on Force training

Force-on-Force training with Airsoft or Glock blue gun with Simunition

Laser Ammo offers dedicated solutions for Airsoft and blank conversion firearms, with MILES code or any other custom requested codes, so you can practice force-on-force safely and in budget.

Reset Trigger for Glock

Reset Trigger For Glock

We offer the best reset triggers for all Glock models so you can practice continuance shooting with the SureStrike™ laser. This is a powerful tool for practicing with your Glock.

Tactical targets, laser range, or simulators

Tactical Targets, Laser Range, or Simulators

Enhance your training session with the AIMWELL electronic targets, L.A.S.R. Software and Smokeless Range.

Train with tactical vests

Train with Tactical Vests

Our lasers can activate any tactical vest offered today in the market, including all MILES harnesses.

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