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Cost Effective Solutions for Force on Force Training

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Laser Ammo Training Technologies for Military Applications

Reliable, Safe, Accurate, Cost-effective, Interchangeable, and Built to Suit, Used by IDF Special Forces and the US Military. Your personal training system; Train anytime, anywhere! The SureStrike™ is a programmable platform that can easily convert any small firearm to work with any laser receptor like an electronic target, simulator or MILES.

Laser Ammo offers military and government agencies special built to suit products. Our Research and Development department, located in Israel, is one of the most creative. We can build to suit any laser-emitting product. If you need it we can make it, on budget and on time.



A microprocessor operated, custom-programmed laser, enabling multiple user ID's, different pulse length, bullet counters and other advanced features

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Shoot Back Box

Shoot Back Box (SBB)

An optical device that simulates various scenarios during weapons training drills. Controlled by a computer, simulator operator or trip wires, the SBB will flash a light pulse to resemble a shot or explosion.

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Supports 37mm and 40mm Cartridges

37mm and 40mm

Laser Ammo SureStrike™ cartridges can fit any pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle. Use your own duty gun, or an AirSoft for a full blowback. You can also use it with Simunition / UTM conversion kits, or Glock Blue gun.


Training Products

for Force on Force

Works with your existing equipment.



Train Force-on-Force with your Simunition-activated firearm or Glock Blue gun, and shoots lasers that will activate your tactical vests, MILES gear or simulators.

Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Compatible

MILES Compatible

All of our laser solutions can be ordered to activate MILES products. We offer cost-effective solutions that will help to enhance your Force-on-Force training and stay in budget.

Top Simulator & Training Company 3 Years In A Row

40/37mm Caliber Adapter 40/37mm Caliber Adapter
  • Laser Ammo is a unique company with a military background.
  • We are CCR Approved
    Small Business / GSA Approved via affiliates
    DUNS: 022644883
  • Use GSA with any of our affiliates
  • Our products are already used by IDF, US Navy and other forces around the world.
  • All of our products are: reliable, safe, accurate, smart, cost-effective, interchangeable, and built to specification.
  • All of our products can be programmed for any MILES code or any other needs.
  • Use our cartridges with your simulator, tactical vest, any laser receptor you already own, or as a standalone training tool.
  • We build lasers to suit your training needs
    Small firearms
    Grenade launchers
    Air soft / mock up guns
    Handheld Missiles and more.
  • Force on Force solutions
    The ONLY and most cost effective solution to work with MILES or pistols, lasers for simunition / UTM kits.
  • Build laser shoot house.
  • Products we already build for military use
    Shoot back box
    MILES cartridges for pistols, AR and Shotguns.