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Train At Home With Personal Shooting Range Software

Not everyone can have a shooting range at home, but with training software, now you can! Time, money and a busy schedule are all excuses shooters use to avoid the range. With today's technology, shooters can use their computer and webcam at home to build a cost effective, simulated laser-training range.

There are several training-software solutions on the market today, some are good, some are great, some are free and some are expensive, but all of them will help you train with your firearms, and all of them will work with the SureStrike™.

Training software is NOT a simulator, it doesn't offer moving videos, gaming or any of the decision making scenarios that simulators offer. On the plus side, you do not need to use an expensive projector or a screen, making shooting an affordable way to train!

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The Advantages of Laser Training Software

Realistic Practice

Realistic Practice

Easy to Install and Use

Easy to Install and Use

Use IRs with your practice

Use Red or IR Lasers

Improves Decision Making

Improves Decision Making

LASR shooting software features a Shot timer, adjustable hit-size diameter and hit colors, multiple shot sounds libraries, the ability to save targets for later analysis, print saved targets, Race mode (to track shots for multiple shooters), diagnostic mode to display any movement during trigger break, Target down mode (to train for shooting until the target goes down), Reload mode (to simulate emergency reloads) and much more.

  • Training Software is Affordable
  • Non-proprietary hardware — use your own computer along with an external webcam
  • Easy to use, while still offering a wide range of customizable features and modes
  • A serious training aid for any level of users, from first time users to professionals
  • Never stop improving, more features and modes are always in development. Free upgrades included.
  • Recoil / IR enabled plug-in and camera are available for simulated recoil training with Airsoft.

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