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Training Guns

Powerful Tools To
Train for Safety

Realistic and safe training guns for any training regimen.

Using your own firearm has many great benefits: using your own sights, trigger, working on trigger pull and fixing the way you jerk the trigger. But it has some challenges as well. When using a laser cartridge with your striker fire or hammer fire gun, you will need to reck the slide after each shot, in order to reset the trigger.

When training for a combat situation or for your next competition, you need to train for movement, quick transitions between targets and other fast-paced drills which you cannot do with your own firearm.

Using Laser Ammo training guns are a great way to overcome the need for racking the slide with each shot and are a powerful tool to use in your own training regimen.

All of our training guns are:

  • 100% safe to use
  • Can be ordered with Red or IR lasers
  • Similar size and weight to replica the real firearm
  • Can be holstered.
  • Can be used on all of Laser Ammo electronic targets or simulators.
  • Have a trigger that including the reset and brake to mimic a real trigger.

Recoil Enabled Training Guns - Realistic and safe training for any real life situation

Laser Ammo recoil enabled training guns are the closest thing to recoil training with real guns that you can use at home, safely and easily.

Activated by green gas or CO2, the Recoil Enabled Training Guns will mimic your own carry gun. With the same trigger, sights, weight and size that you use at the range – which will help you build the correct muscle memory when training safely in your own home.

Using recoil guns with our Smokeless Range® Simulator or I-MTTS targets, shooters can build a full range with blow back training at home and use it with their friends and family in order to train for an upcoming competition or for any situation that life may throw their way.

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Build the right muscle memory and prevent injuries with the Advanced Training Laser Pistol

The Advanced Training Laser Pistol (A.T.L.P.) is a revolutionary training device designed to make negligent discharges a thing of the past.

The pistol uses a patented unintentional Discharge Zone Sensor Suite, which alerts the instructor/shooter about any finger intrusion into the trigger guard when no shots are being fired, and forces the shooter to self-correct himself, and thus build the correct muscle memory of not putting his finger on the trigger unless they are ready to shoot. Together with our high-quality lasers, and the functional features of the Glock 17 and S&W M&P this is a powerful tool to train for safe firearms handling.

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