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Advanced Training
Laser Pistol

Advanced Training Laser Pistol

A Robust Training Tool for Any Laser Training Regimen

The Advanced Training Laser Pistol (A.T.L.P.) is a revolutionary training device designed to make negligent discharges a thing of the past. The pistol uses a patented unintentional Discharge Zone Sensor Suite, which alerts the instructor/shooter about any finger intrusion into the trigger guard when no shots are being fired, and forces the shooter to self-correct himself, and thus build the correct muscle memory of not putting his finger on the trigger unless they are ready to shoot. Together with our high-quality lasers, and the functional features of the Glock 17, S&W M&P and Sig P320 this is a powerful tool to train for safe firearms handling.

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A Professional Grade Tool for Safe Training

Build the right muscle memory and prevent negligent discharges with the Advanced Training Laser Pistol. The Advanced Training Laser Pistol is our cutting-edge training device that will correct bad habits when you unholster/handle your firearm with an alarm that sounds if your finger moves to the trigger too soon… when you are NOT intending to take a shot! Nothing is more important than firearm’s safety! Accidental / Negligent discharges of a firearm are among the most common firearms accidents. When it happens, the financial burden placed on the individual and organization can be devastating.


Accidental Discharge Sensor

When an unintentional intrusion within the trigger guard is detected an alarm will sound and two LEDs along the side of the frame will flash. The alarm stops immediately when intrusion is no longer detected and the LEDs remain flashing for 9 seconds.

Weighted gun and magazine

The ATLP gives you the look and feel of your own training/carry gun, with weight mimicking the real thing, for better muscle memory training.

Removable Weighted Magazine

Train for magazine changes with our weighted magazines. Drop them on the floor for a quick mag change, and the rubber material on the bottom of the magazine will soften the hit.

Speaker System

The ATLP gives you both visual and audible feedback with every shot.

Simulated Adjustable Night Sights

Train day or night, anytime!

Marksmanship training with full adjustability forwindage and elevation

The shooter can easily zero the lasers by adjusting for both windage and elevation, for accurate training just like you would your own live firearm.

Fits most Safariland and Blackhawk Duty Holsters

All of the ATLP models were built to fit most duty holsters, so the shooter can train with their own familiar duty/carry holster.

Use with Laser Ammo Electronic Targets, SoftwarE& Simulators

For more enhanced training, use the ATLP works seamlessly with all of Laser Ammo’s electronic targets, simulators and training software.

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